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EN1074 approval for Resilient Seated Gate Valve, issued by ICIM Italy

2023-01-01 00:25

IVALVE has already got the WRAS certificate for


made in ductile iron EN GJS 500-7, face to face series 14 and 15, manually operated

PN10/PN16; DN50-350

Comply Standards: UNI EN 1074-1:2001 - UNI EN 1074-2:2004 - UNI EN 1171:2015

Approval Number: 094BL/1

vality unitl: 15/12/2025

approved by: ICIM S.p.A. ITALY

Test Report Number: REP/20191025/01BZ_IVALVE_ITT test report EN1074_2