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Rising Stem OS&Y Resilient Gate Valve

ivalve OSY1.jpgRising Stem, Resilient Seated Gate Valve

OS&Y (Outside Screw & Yoke)

▪ Huge convenience in daily water-using and repairing

If sealing parts in the bonnet are broken, we could replace the sealing parts

▪ Class A sealing (ZERO LEAKAGE)

▪ 100% testing before packing and delivery.

▪ Completely free and full bore self-cleaning & low-pressure loss.

▪ Clockwise closing (CWC) as standard, anticlockwise closing upon request.

▪ Operation: Manual handwheel, gearbox.

▪ Bonnet bolts are in Galvanized Carbon Steel, Other materials upon request.

▪ O-ring bonnet gasket wraps each bolt to prevent corrosion.

▪ Linear sealing design provides better sealing & lower closing torque.

▪ Potable water approved epoxy coating, fusion bonded according DIN 3476-1, EN 14901

ivalve OSY2.jpg



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