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Resilient Seated Gate Valve-Ⅱ


iValve Resilient Seated Gate Valve, which is designed and manufactured for use in water, waste water, and sewage. Main usage is for isolation purposes. Full bore design makes it possible to be used bi-directionally and the fluid could clean the sealing surface area every time the valve is opened.

Main Features                               

▪ Huge convenience in daily water-using and repairing

If sealing parts in the bonnet are broken, we could replace the sealing parts

with the valve completely open when the valve is still in the pipeline.

▪ Class A sealing (ZERO LEAKAGE)

▪ 100% testing before packing and delivery.

▪ Completely free and full bore self-cleaning & low-pressure loss.

▪ Clockwise closing (CWC) as standard, anticlockwise closing upon request.

▪ Operation: Manual handwheel, Square Cap, Extension Spindle.

▪ Bonnet bolts are in Galvanized Carbon Steel, and sealed with hot melt to

prevent corrosion. Other materials upon request.

▪ O-ring bonnet gasket wraps each bolt to prevent corrosion.

▪ Linear sealing design provides better sealing & lower closing torque.