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Pressure Reducing Valve

IMG_3498.JPG  Our pressure reducing valve is a hydraulically driven, pilot valve-controlled control valve. Automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure, regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure.

  This valve is an accurate, pilot-operated regulator capable of holding downstream pressure to a pre-determined limit. No matter how the flow rate or pressure before the valve fluctuates and changes, the valve can reduce the pre-valve high pressure to the post-valve low pressure and keep it stable, even if the valve does not have user water. It can keep the outlet pressure stable.

Technical Features

 100% water tightness 

 100% testing before packing and delivery 

 Completely free and full bore, self clearning & low pressure loss. 

 Bonnet bolts in Stainless steel 304 

 Manual switch on/off

 Easy and zero adjustment to demand pressure 

 Pressure reduciton without being affected by pressure and flow changes in network.

 Easy maintenance provided minimum pressure loss and free flow in open valve on demand flow amounts. 

 Has a long working life in operation since coating has been made with phosphorization and cover-dried

 Epoxy powder paint 

 Performs perfect modulation in variable flows and even too low flow rates close to zero

Technical Data

Pressure Reducing Pilot






It need to check the valve and pipe line periodically every months, no matter leakage of pilot systems cause of crash or loosen, also check the controls of pressure or flow rate is stable. 

It’s easy to handle leakage outside, just tight the fitting. 

If the valve doesn’t work, there maybe possible reasons, analyze the problem, and solve the problem.