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Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

大蝶阀.jpgDouble Eccentric Design

The center line of the disc rotation is horizontally and vertically offset from the body seat. This high-performance designeliminates“seat set” compression while the valve is in the open position.Compression on the seal is released after only a few degrees of opening which reduces friction and wear. This makes the valve ideal for modulation or in the open position for extended periods of time.

Dry Disc Hub

The advanced dry disc hub and shaft design is achieved through 10 O-Ring seals on both the upper and lower shafts. This prevents ground water and line media from entering the journal areas, resulting in ease of operation and minimal torque for many years.

Engineered Linings and Coatings

The Ductile Iron body comes electrostatic applied Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating.Testing is performed to ensure the valve meets the most stringent coating thickness and porosity requirements.

Ease of Maintenance

The Double Offset design requires zero to minimal maintenance and the bearing cover allows the user to remove the worm gear without dewatering the pipeline. In the event of seal replacement or repair it can be accomplished in the field,with common tools,without the need of epoxy injections or a specialized technician.