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Combination Nonslam Air Valve, 3 functions


Combination Air Release Valve

Triple Functions / Anti-shock / nonslam

▪ discharge large air flow from water pipeline

▪ admit large air flow into water pipeline

▪ purge entrapped air from pipeline under pressure

self-operating float type and can be fitted to any peak on a pipeline, capable of fulfilling the venting requirement of the pipeline and release any air or gas under pressure accumulated in the pipe system automatically.

Main Design Features                                               

▪ Stainless steel float, SS304/SS316

▪ Anti water hammer system

▪ Smooth cage outside of the float,

▪ Anti-insects screen (SS304) keep float moving in specified guide rail.

▪ Full bore body design

▪ Inside&outside fusion bond epoxy coating

▪ 100% water tightness

▪ WRAS paint and rubber upon request

▪ low pressure sealing at 0.2bar

▪ Optional outlet for submerged applications

Comply Standards                                                      

▪ Hydrostatic tests to EN-12266-1, class A.

▪ Designed to EN-1074/4 and AWWA C-512

▪ Flanges to EN-1092/2 or ANSI-150