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triple function Double Orifice Air Valve

air valve-.jpgtriple function Double Orifice Air Valve

▪ discharge large air flow from water pipeline

▪ admit large air flow into water pipeline

▪ purge entrapped air from pipeline under pressure


• Flow Media – Clean Water , air

• Applications – Water systems, firefighting and irrigation system

• All uncoated metal is high grade stainless steel

• Safe operation

• Little maintenance

• Effective corrosion protection

• No Arms or levers -- prevents vibrating, bending of the float

• Smoth cage outside of float to keep float moving in guide rail

• Bottom rubber buffer for collision prevention

• Fully expoxy prainting coated inside and outside 250㎛Air Release Simple Level Type.

 It can eliminate the gas in the pipeline, reduce the resistance and save energy.

• Float ball is made of ABS

• When the pipeline is under negative pressure,the product can automatically suck in air to prevent the pipeline from breaking. 

Technical Data

air valve-1.jpg

air valve-2.jpg